Jamf Pro – Allow a system extension for macOS 11 Big Sur

Big Sur is here and there is a lot of changes under the hood. One of them is the switch from Kernel Extensions to System Extensions. It has been a while since the Kernel Extensions are deprecated but now, time is over, they are not supported anymore. So as a Jamf admin, you’ll have to … Lire la suite

Jamf Pro – Enable Gatekeeper and SIP

Gatekeeper is a security component, present on every macOS version since macOS X 10.7 Lion. It will verify each application before running them. Depending of your settings, it will allow only applications from the Mac App Store or signed by Apple certified developers. But using a specific command line, it can’t be totally disabled. SIP, … Lire la suite

Jamf Pro – Notarize a package

Since the release of macOS 10.15 Catalina, Apple made the notarization of apps a requirement for distribution out of the App Store. But distributing packages through JAMF Pro didn’t need the notarization of packages. Recently, we wanted to use the Prestage packages for our enrollment. Impossible to deploy it on our test machine as it’s … Lire la suite